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36,37 EUR*
Details Outlook 2007: Beyond the Manual (Btm (Beyond the Manual))

Outlook 2007 "Outlook 2007: Beyond the Manual" deals with computers/software. Full description

15,64 EUR*
Details Creative Illustration & Beyond (Creative...and Beyond)

Quayside Publishing-Quarry Books: Creative Illustration & Beyond. From Illustrating Characters From Basic Shapes And Stylizing Everyday Objects To Creating Dynamic Illustrative Layouts And Intricately Rendered Word Art, Professional Artist Stephanie ...

11,78 EUR*
Details Eternal Life: A New Vision: Beyond Religion, Beyond Theism, Beyond Heaven and Hell

Bishop Spong, author of "Jesus for the Non Religious" and "Why Christianity Must Change or Die", is known for his controversial ideas and fighting for minority rights. As a Southerner, Spong also has a natural gift for storytelling. These qualities ...

38,32 EUR*
Details Beyond My Wildest Dreams

[{ Beyond My Wildest Dreams [ BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS BY Harewood, Ken ( Author ) Dec-18-2011[ BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS [ BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS BY HAREWOOD, KEN ( AUTHOR ) DEC-18-2011 ] By Harewood, Ken ( Author )Dec-18-2011 Hardcover By Harewood ...

10,92 EUR*
Details A Treatise on Living Thinking: A Path Beyond Western Philosophy, Beyond Yoga, Beyond Zen

Massimo Scaligero (1906-80) was a student of Zen, of Yoga, and of his spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner, but he came to independent conclusions based on his direct spiritual experience. In this philosophical work, Scaligero presents a way of ...

29,18 EUR*
Details Beyond Harvard

[{ Beyond Harvard [ BEYOND HARVARD ] By Jones, William Roger ( Author )Apr-19-2007 Hardcover By Jones, William Roger ( Author ) Apr - 19- 2007 ( Hardcover ) } ]

26,20 EUR*
Details Transitional Justice, Culture, and Society - Beyond Outreach: Beyond Outreach (Advancing Transitional Justice)

Transitional justice processes have a fundamental public dimension. Their impact depends in part on the social support they receive. For this reason, transitional justice bodies have increasingly implemented outreach programs. Beyond the role of ...

75,49 EUR*
Details Beyond Knowledge Management

Beyond Knowledge Management Beyond Knowledge Management provides a balance of conceptual and practical aspects of Knowledge Management, offering the opportunity for students and practitioners to understand and effectively consider knowledge management ...